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Selling to the federal government is unique and challenging. It requires knowing the nuances of the various layers of government, their budget cycles, election cycles, and bidding processes.

Our highly experienced consultants are available to help you with business development and sales. Their knowledge and abilities can help you generate great sales leads and win federal contracts. 

Federal Government Business Plan and Lead Generation

You will get a full overview of what your business needs to win federal contracts.

Our federal government business plan and lead generation effort will cover everything your business needs from registration up to successfully winning government contracts.


The scope of work includes:
1. Total funding spent by the US government in your industry by agency
2. Acquisition forecast review to identify upcoming opportunities
3. Top 3 agencies to focus business development and sales efforts on
4. Contract vehicles used and purchasing strategies specific to your offering/industry
5. Upcoming or current opportunities (RFP, RFI, sources sought, expiring contracts, subcontracting, etc.) identified with all point of contact (POC) information
6. Competitor analysis
7. Targeted government grant programs
8. Targeted list of upcoming industry days
9. All leads and information we receive from directly communicating with government representatives
10. Teaming and subcontracting opportunities
11. Step-by-step business development and sales plan for your company
12. Custom strategy for influencing requirements in your favor before an RFP is issued
13. Recommended focus areas and differentiators
14. Initial pipeline of opportunities and POCs with recommended contact strategy
15. 20 – 30 minute briefs of drafts and complete plan