Top Benefits of Oracle HCM Cloud

From managing payroll, performance, time, and absence, there are several reasons organizations need Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud. Oracle HCM cloud refers to the method used to deliver an end-to-end solution to HR leaders to enable them to manage every stage of the employee lifecycle.

This includes onboarding, screening, hiring, compensation, and benefits, optimizing workflow, and developing and reviewing talents. By building HCM cloud solutions with an AI-first approach, executives and individuals can make decisions faster and smarter.

Here, organizations have the opportunity to align their business goal to the HR department within the organization using a combination of customer experience, supply chain, financials, and other modules. Oracle HCM cloud offers the following services;

  • Talent management. Oracle HCM Cloud helps organizations find, hire and retain their services using Goal and Performance Management, Talent Acquisition, Talent Review, and Succession Planning, Career Development.
  • Work-life solutions. Using volunteering and wellness programs, Oracle HCM cloud also engages employees to work and life solutions.
  • Global HR. This one of the best was organizations globally optimize their operations and engage their workforce. To do this, these organizations use Workforce predictions, directories, modeling, workforce Health and Safety Incidents as well as Core HR.
  • Workforce management. Using labor and absence management, the Oracle HCM cloud helps organizations optimize their time.
  • Workforce rewards. Oracle HCM cloud also helps organizations win and differentiate talent through the use of compensation, benefits, payroll, etc.

Benefits of using Oracle HCM cloud

Below are a few top reasons organizations use Oracle HCM cloud.

1. It protects and secures data

As more and more organizations continue to distribute their workforce, it is important to ensure that data available within an organization is accessed only when intended. Thankfully Oracle is designed with a strong security culture which makes it a trusted option for global organizations looking for strict security requirements. Oracle HCM Cloud also ensures that HR data remains secure by monitoring user access and activity.

2. It improves business value

Another interesting benefit of the Oracle HCM Cloud is that Organizations can use it to improve the value of their business. This is because the process involves a low cost of ownership, better user engagement and adoption, improved productivity, and streamlined processes.

3. It encourages personalized user experience

Today as many HR teams strive to evaluate their technology, it is important that employees have a complete employee experience platform that allows them to have a tailored user experience. Oracle HCM cloud provides employees with an experience platform that provides communication and guidance to help connect with managers and colleagues genuinely. By integrating workflows, networking, listening, and supporting open platforms, this platform encourages employees to create meaningful connections.

4. It helps create a strong HR

Oracle HCM cloud solution unites the cloud across finance, HR, sales, and beyond where customers can get a source of truth to make confident decisions for their business. It helps employees adopt a strategy that is easy to scale and that can also be adjusted in times of uncertainty. Now organizations have an active platform for sharing their best practices, advancing HR careers, and troubleshooting issues.

5. It is a complete enterprise solution

Oracle HCM Cloud allows organizations to build software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications using cloud platforms and infrastructure. This creates an easy-to-configure dashboard using data from sales, finance, and HR for driving growth and managing people costs. Using these applications and data on a single platform makes it easy to have unobstructed visibility and increased data security across your organization.

6. It encourages customer success

Another interesting reason organizations use Oracle HCM cloud is that it ensures customer’s projects are successful. This is because customers now have access to on-demand education, success planning tools, and an implementation success manager. It also encourages 24/7 customer service which is suitable to help customers maximize their investment.

7. It is extensible and adaptable

Generally, HR involves agile solutions that help customers adapt to new challenges quickly. With Oracle HCM cloud customers can adapt to the changing needs of business practices, environments and regulations. Now customers can configure an organization’s charts and model workforce changes using set-up processes and compensation data with little or no involvement in IT.

8. It helps to boost innovations

One of the biggest benefits of the Oracle HCM cloud is that it encourages innovation. This is because it allows customers to give feedback based on their personalized experiences. 80% of innovations are often a result of customer feedback. With this feedback, organizations can improve customer experience and provide better services.

9. It encourages global talents

With organizations both at local and global levels adopting the use of Oracle HCM cloud, there is no doubt that it is a global platform. This platform cuts across the regional and international needs of over 27 languages and 200 jurisdictions. Now customers from different parts of the world can learn from each other and yet secure user data.

Other key benefits of Oracle HCM cloud include:

  • It allows organizations to optimize staffing strategies and utilization by aligning their level of experience and skills thereby influencing their global resource pool.
  • Oracle HCM cloud global human resources to boost the wellness of employees using innovative work-life solutions like social and mobile technology
  • Through talent management, Oracle HCM cloud encourages blended learning to ensure productivity using its unique learning platforms
  • The human resource optimization feature of Oracle HCM cloud provides certain workforce predictions often resulting in more accurate decision-making.
  • The talent acquisition feature of Oracle HCM cloud allows users to source candidates through employee referrals and social marketing to help them find and retain top talents.


Oracle HCM cloud was designed as a single cloud solution that connects several processes throughout an organization’s lifecycle. This creates a platform for learning, talent acquisition, talent management, workforce planning, employee experience, benefits, payroll, health and safety, HR help desk, time, labor, and analytics.

From providing a consistent experience across several devices, improving decision-making, and empowering organizations with market-leading innovations, there is no reason why you should not adopt the Oracle HCM cloud today.