Legacy to Cloud Application Migration Services

Move existing applications and Oracle databases in their current state to Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Application Migration Process

Based on Oracle cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), we help you migrate applications to the cloud in their current state.

Our tested, app migration services cover application inventory, assessment, code analysis, migration planning and execution, and post-migration support. 

We conduct an in-depth inventory of your current enterprise landscape, collecting pertinent data to calculate the appropriate fit among the public, hybrid, and private clouds.

Our application migration services help predict the most appropriate model for migrating your environment to cloud, IaaS or PaaS. 

Oracle Database

In addition to application migration, we also enable you to move from Oracle database to Oracle cloud infrastructure. Our approach facilitates and accelerates migration across multiple operating systems, and virtual and storage platforms.

It also helps optimize resource utilization and enhance productivity by enabling allocation of resources to high-priority tasks.

EBS or Peoplesoft IaaS

We help you to lift and shift the entire on-premise EBS or PSFT environment to Oracle compute cloud service (IaaS) using Oracle Cloud Manager.

We will help you to migrate your application tier to IaaS and your database tier to the Database Cloud Service (DBCS).

We help you with the migration of your configuration, data, and customization.

We help you with backup and restoration to Oracle Cloud.


We help you to lift and shift existing EBS or PSFT environments to Oracle Cloud.

We help you with integration with legacy systems and third party vendors.

We help you with development of custom applications, which includes customized mobile apps to promote anytime-anywhere collaboration across your organization.

We help you to implement chatbots to streamline a whole host of everyday support and service interactions.